Flip Charts and Whiteboards

Flipcharts, flip chart easels and whiteboards

Are your flipcharts multipurpose?

Yes, not only can the flipchart stands be used for standard presentations, but they also double up as whiteboards for writing directly onto. You can even attach notices to them using magnets, meaning they can act as a noticeboard.

Can I adjust the height of my flip chart stand?

Yes, the stands we currently sell are height adjustable, making them suitable for multiple purposes and accessible to all users.

Is the easel flip chart portable?

Our easel flip charts are portable and fold away flat for easy transportation.

Can I buy an extra flip chart pad?

As well as our easels that come with a pad, we also stock an A1 Flip Chart Pad that you can use once you've exhausted the space in your first pad. These pads of flip chart paper simply clip into the hinged pad clamp at the top of each flip chart easel.

easel flip charts with flip chart paper, also functions as a whiteboard stand
Use a portable flip chart easel and flipchart pads to display notices in retail, business and education settings

Where can I use these flipcharts?

A flipchart easel is very useful for business meeting rooms in order to brainstorm and write down your ideas for future reference. This also applies to classrooms. As well as serving an educational purpose, a flipchart would be ideal for use at exhibitions and business conferences in order to display advertising.

White boards and whiteboard stands

Can I use whiteboards at my point of sale?

Using a whiteboard is a popular way to communicate information in schools, colleges, and boardrooms, but our range of whiteboards are also handy to use at a point of sale.

Salespersons can use them to demonstrate products, draw an impromptu eye-catching sign, or update them with changing information such as average expected wait times in a queue.

Place a magnetic whiteboard or wall mounted whiteboard in your home office to help with organisation and brainstorming while not in the company of colleagues.

Use whiteboards for schools and offices, white boards double up as a magnetic notice board
A freestanding whiteboard is ideal for offices and education

Can I use any of them as a magnetic notice board?

Yes, all of our dry wipe whiteboards are magnetic, meaning you can easily attach notices using magnets whenever required. If you need to write on the magnetic dry wipe board, simply remove the magnets and notices.

What types of whiteboard accessories do you have?

We supply a pack of essential whiteboard accessories featuring dry wipes, cleaning spray, an eraser, and three pens in red, blue and black. This is a great option for anyone buying their first whiteboard, as it contains everything needed to get started anywhere. We also supply pens and magnets separately if you need to top up your supplies.

Can I attach a flip chart to my wipe board?

When you buy a whiteboard, a paper pad is not supplied as standard unless stated. However, while not all of our boards are flip chart compatible, we do sell flip chart easels which are dual purpose.

You can easily clip flipchart paper pads to these easels for writing on or for showing presentations. Just as easily, however, you can remove the flip chart pad and write directly onto the whiteboard, or attach notices using magnets.

How do I install my chosen whiteboard?

You can choose from a freestanding whiteboard stand or with a wheeled base, which means that you can place them in the area that you wish without having to fix them to the floor.

We do, however, have a wall whiteboard that would be perfect for use in smaller places where it is important to maximise the use of space. The wall whiteboard can be mounted to your walls with screws by using the concealed fixing holes pre-drilled into each corner.