Wall Mounted Noticeboards

What is a noticeboard used for?

Wall mounted noticeboards offer an easy way for people to communicate messages. Display boards are very popular for use in the workplace, educational facilities, and community areas.

What types of notice boards do you stock?

We offer many types of high quality fabric noticeboards that are suitable for the public sector. Our boards are also suitable for retail and hospitality environments, including our frameless, lockable and fire resistant models. We have pin boards and display boards for schools, offices and public buildings. If you are looking for a more retro style, we stock a range of cork memo boards and PVC pegboards.

What type of board do I need?

A cork board may be used for a traditional feel, whereas a felt board has more modern associations. Fabric boards are popular for use as a message board in offices, schools and community areas. The fire resistant and lockable features mean that they can meet fire regulations and provide protection from vandalism.

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A peg letter board gives a vintage, fun feel to your messages. They're great for use in cafes and small businesses to advertise prices, opening times or fun messages.

Why use a frameless board?

An aluminium frame adds a modern twist to your display board when set against our range of fabric colours. Frameless displays are a good option for when you want to create a larger display area by mounting multiple boards together. This gives advertisers and viewers more space, as well as the ability to produce a two-tone wall display.

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Do you have tamper resistant boards?

A Lockable Noticeboard is the ideal product for use in busy areas that may be at risk of tampering. This model is available in a range of wide range of sizes and features two locks on each door. This means that only authorised keyholders are able to open the door and access the messages.

This is a useful option for mounting displays in any area where the board may be at risk of vandalism. Accessible pins may also be considered a safety risk in youth clubs, schools, hospitals and residential care settings.

How fireproof are the fire resistant boards?

Our fire resistant boards comply to Class B of the European Reaction to Fire test BS EN 13501-1. They are ideal for use as school noticeboards and hospital display boards. These boards can be used within any other public space which sees a lot of footfall. Place fire retardant memo boards in halls, stairways and entrances.

This gives you more space for advertisements and to engage with viewers. You can also put different colours next to each other to create a two-tone wall display.

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