Showcard Stands, Frames and Accessories

Our showcard frames are colourful plastic poster frames. These poster frames can be used on stands, or secured to walls, ceilings and storage using clips. We also supply printed cardboard show cards and cardboard struts for an alternative and easy-to-transport option.

Showcard Stands, Show Card Frames and Accessories

What are showcards?

Showcards are plastic poster frames which are often used by businesses to display poster advertising and special offers. Show cards are popular due to their easy-to-use design and wide range of attractive colours and fixing types.

Where should showcards be placed?

Place show card frames around your store to draw the eye to products, highlight current discounts, or place outside your shop, restaurant or market stand in ambient weather to attract attention.

Plastic frames for posters are great for use on stands at exhibitions and open days, to provide information or assist with wayfinding.

How can I fix my show cards in place?

We stock a huge range of fixing methods for your show card frames including feet for countertop show cards, magnetic swivel clips for attaching signs to metal units, poster suspension clips and hooks to suspend showcards from the ceiling or from overhanging displays, wall clips and many types of stand in a range of colours and sizes.

Showcard sign stand consisting of a colourful plastic poster frame on an adjustable stand

Do you supply replacement poster sleeves?

Yes, if you need to update the poster protector sleeves in your showcard frames, we supply these PVC sleeves in A3, A4 and A5 sizes to suit your showcard signs.

Can I display my showcard outdoors?

We do supply an outdoor showcard stand which has a heavy steel base to reduce the likelihood of your sign toppling over in adverse weather conditions.

If you do choose to display your posters outside, we recommend that you use our Semi Rigid Waterproof Posters to prevent smudging or crinkling due to unexpected rain.