• In-Queue Merchandising System Extension Kit for additional barriers
  • Add an extra pole, base and your choice of components
  • Fully customisable, choose from a mix of layouts and fittings
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  • Get it by Tuesday 7th Feb if you order by 5pm using Express Delivery


How do I use an In-Queue Merchandising System Extension Kit?

Extend your original kit to your desired length with an In-Queue Merchandising System Extension Kit. It consists of a pole, base and your choice of components to simply attach to the kit you already have. The Extension Kit allows you to create continuous one metre barriers that can be showcased at various angles including 45 and 90 degrees. With this choice of queue management, you can turn waiting time into extended shopping time and also increase impulse buys.

What types of In-Queue Merchandising System Extension Kits are available?

There is a variety of options to choose from, dependent on what you require. The Extension Kits also allow you to add components you may not already have for example, hooks to go with merchandising shelves so you can merchandise a variety of products. The kits available to choose from are: hooks, acrylic shelves, metal shelves or hooks and a merchandising dump bin.

Is there any add on products for the In-Queue Merchandising System?

We also offer add-ons such as a merchandising bowl which allows you to make small products stand out by showcasing them on top of the store barrier posts and a poster holder to showcase your prices or promotions. Both of these products simply slot into the barrier posts.

Is the kit single-sided?

As standard, the kit is single-sided. However, by purchasing hooks, shelves or a merchandising bin from our add-ons you can make the kit double-sided to maximise your selling potential.


Product type Four tier hooks extension Newspaper extension Four tier shelves extension Hooks and tub extension
Colour RAL 9006 Silver RAL 9006 Silver RAL 9006 Silver RAL 9006 Silver
Material Mild steel stand Mild steel stand Mild steel stand Mild steel stand
Bay width 1m 1m 1m 1m
Overall height 1m 1m 1m 1m
Supplied Unassembled Unassembled Unassembled Unassembled
Round base plate Dia x H 45cm x 5mm 45cm x 5mm 45cm x 5mm 45cm x 5mm
EPOS tags W x H 70mm x 40mm N/A N/A 70mm x 40mm
Eurohooks length 20cm N/A N/A 20cm
Shelf W x D N/A 100cm W x 18cm D 100cm W x 2cm D N/A
Weight Approx. 30kg Approx. 37.5kg Approx. 34kg Approx. 26kg