• Three Sided Menu Holder With LED Backlight for use in low light environments
  • Perfect for luxury restaurants, bars and nightclubs to display their menus in
  • The rechargeable LED backlight battery can operate for 48 hours after a full charge
  • Free UK mainland delivery over £150 (ex. VAT)


How does the Three Sided Menu Holder With LED Backlight work?

Make sure that your food and drinks menus are visible from many angles and from a distance by using this free standing, three sided, LED menu display. Simply slide your menus into place using the openings at the top of each panel, then watch as the bright white LED backlight illuminates your menu.

It's a high end, premium display that is perfect for displaying menus in low light environments, such as nightclubs and bars. The black faux leather cover gives your menu an extra touch of glamour to attract passing customers.

What paper size does the Three Sided Menu Holder support?

This LED illuminated menu display has three panels, each of which supports an insert the size of a third of A4 paper, which makes this menu cover able to hold the size of one A4 sheet of paper in total. Insert transparent inserts with your menus printed on, such as Duratrans, into the top of this faux leather menu cover.

How is the LED backlit menu powered?

The LED light operates using a rechargeable battery, which is charged using the 2.0 USB-A to Micro-B USB charging cable provided. Each full charge can power the LED backlit menu holder for 48 hours.


Paper size 1/3 A4
Orientation Portrait
Number of display panels 3
Display panel size (cm) W x H 9.9cm x 21cm
Unit size when laid flat (cm) W x H x D 44cm x 27cm x 1cm
Unit width when standing (cm) 14cm
Material Black faux leather
Battery powered? Yes
Accessories included 1 x 2.0 USB-A to Micro-B USB charging cable
Charge time 5-6 hours
Operational time 48 hours
Weight 1kg