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Sandwich boards and pavement signs buying guide

Whether you call them A Boards, Sandwich Boards or Pavement Signs, they all do the same job and can all increase the number of people entering your business.

Outdoor advertising is essential if you have a great offer on, are set back from the main road or are new to the area and want to make yourself known, and it's proven that the right A board can increase your footfall.

Check out our full Pavement Signs and A Boards category for the full range, or see our guide below to help you choose the best sandwich board signs for your business.

Sandwich board signs and A boards bring in passing trade.

Sandwich boards

  • Budget Cheap A Board for indoor use

    Budget A Board

    SBGX In stock
    From: £35.00
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Black Rounded A Board with Magnetic Cover

    Rounded A Board with Magnetic Cover

    ABM2 In stock
    From: £155.00
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Black A Board available in either A1 or A2 frame size

    Black A Board Pavement Sign

    ABG9 In stock
    From: £54.00
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • A Board Pavement Signs are available in five colours

    A Board Pavement Sign

    ABG In stock
    From: £44.00
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT


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Clipable sandwich boards


A Boards, Sandwich Boards and Pavement Signs

What is a sandwich board sign?

Sandwich board signs are one of the most popular types of pavement advertising tools, as they allow for double-sided displays to be placed outside and inside businesses to attract passing trade. Sandwich boards, also commonly known as A boards, feature one board in front and one board behind in a hinged triangular shape, that can be folded away easily. They are available in a range of colours, sizes and styles, allowing you to choose from using a printed poster within a snap frame, or a chalkboard. Both the snap frame and chalkboard designs have their benefits, but both can be updated regularly and easily.

Why do I need a sandwich board?

Reasons to use these signs in business include:

  • To increase sales.
  • To attract new customers.
  • To advertise new offers to passersby.
  • To drum up trade for a new business.
  • To attract attention if your business is set back from the main high street.
  • To advertise that you are showing an event in your pub or bar.

A boards are proven to alert both pedestrians and motorists to your business, increase walk-in traffic and make people aware of your appealing deals and offers.

heavy duty pavement signs

Is an A board better than a heavy duty pavement sign?

The right pavement sign for you depends on a number of factors. If you are based somewhere particularly windy or with harsh weather conditions, then a water based pavement sign might be the better option for you. These signs are more durable and sturdy than A boards but both offer the same quality of advertising. The advantage of A boards is that they are light and easy to transport and pack away.

How can I protect my poster from the weather?

The best way to make your poster weather resistant is to always print onto a waterproof based paper, such as PVC. This way, your poster will not run or crease should it come into contact with water, whether that be rain or condensation within the frame. We can print your bespoke designs directly onto our waterproof posters, so you can get everything you need for an outdoor poster display all in one place. Also, our snap frame style A boards come with UV anti-glare PVC covers which will protect your graphic from fading in harsh sunlight.

Can I legally place an A board anywhere?

sandwich boards for businesses

We recommend that you follow these simple steps to ensure that your A board is not causing any issues or offences:

  • Keep your sign in good condition at all times. The council will not approve of untidy, defaced or offensive signs in the street.
  • If the weather takes a turn, bring your sign indoors. If the sign may blow over into the street or road causing an obstruction, you as the owner could be liable for any damage or accidents.
  • Make sure the size you use suits the area. If you are on a narrow street or side street, an A0 size board may not be suitable as it may cause blockages.

How do I make the most out of my sign?

The most important element of your sign is the clarity. If the message isn't clear instantly, people will lose interest. A boards are in place to catch the passing trade, so your offer, deal or message needs to be able to be understood in a glance. To help with this, you can use bold colours, large fonts and images.

Your sign needs to attract the attention of lots of people. Humour always works well, often encouraging people to stop and take a picture. However this isn't the correct tone for everyone, so if you need a more formal approach, striking images also work well.

An obvious but crucial point that is often missed is spelling. A simple spelling mistake will instantly turn people away from your business as it is not only careless, but also unprofessional. Finally, you want your sign to encourage people to come in or call, so why not say it on your sign? A simple ‘visit now’ or ‘speak to our advisors’ will let people know that you are available and happy to help.

Do you have chalkboards?

Yes, we do have a great range of chalkboard sandwich boards. Write your own promotional messages to add a personal touch to your business.

what is a sandwich board sign

How do the A boards on the market differ in quality from ClipableA boards?

The A boards available on the market can vary dramatically in quality. Some of the cheaper models are often quite flimsy. They're often made from metal that corrodes, are made from cheap, lightweight metal so they blow over when it's windy and don't provide a firm grip on posters.

Many of our A boards are manufactured in-house and supplied exclusively by the UK POS Clipable brand, and are designed to be a much higher quality than most on the market. They're made from thicker, heavier anodised aluminium so they won't corrode and they're far less likely to blow over when it's windy. The frames are thick and feature extra springs to create a firm grip on posters, and they have sturdy metal back panels rather than flimsy plastic.

typical a boards
clipable a boards

You can feel the difference in quality and engineering as soon as you hold one - ours weigh 8kg compared to just 3kg for some competing models. Yet we sell them in such high volumes that we're also able to offer them at very competitive prices, too.

Kira Swales & Alysha Bennett

Alysha and Kira are copywriters for UK POS, with over a decade of combined experience in e-commerce. Read more of their in-depth guide to POS in our Knowledge Hub.