Social Distancing Signs

Social Distancing Signage

Why do I need social distancing signs?

Social distancing signs are ideal for use in retail environments and offices. Clear signage encourages everyone to follow company guidelines and keep each other healthy.

Using social distancing signage also helps to reassure visitors of your safety procedures. A comfortable and safe environment makes it more likely that visitors or customers stay longer and spend more.

Do you offer pre-designed social distancing signs?

Yes, we've designed various graphics to reflect popular health and safety policies that your company may choose to apply. Simply pick the type of social distancing sign and poster size required, then choose from our pre-designed options. If you wish to use your own graphic designers for your social distancing signage, we do offer custom printing services.

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How big is your range of signs for social distancing?

We offer floor stickers and table signs. Use table signs to show customers that an area has been sanitised. Use floor stickers and vinyls to mark out areas where customers should queue.