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Essential point of sale displays for retail shelving

No matter what style of shelves you have in your store, it is vital that they are helping to sell your product.

Two of the most important aspects of any retail display are price and navigation. If your price, promotion or product location isn't clear to your customer in an instant, then your POS isn't doing its job.

There are a number of tools available to make your prices, messages or products more prominent and noticeable, whether you have metal shelves, wooden shelves or a free standing display unit.

retail shelving
Retail shelves are filled with chances to maximise sales.

Aisle signage

Shelf Talkers

Shelf Wobblers

Data Strips

Shelving accessories

Retail Shelving POS FAQ

Shelf Edge Data Strips

Shelf Strips are another fantastic addition to shelves. These are ideal for supermarkets with a selection of products on sale in one area and can be filled with the simplest of terms from ‘sale’ to ‘new products' in order to simultaneously attract and inform customers.

A Data Strip does not necessarily need to be used to advertise a sale or promotion. If you have a shelf full of products from the same designer, why not fill the Strip with the brand logo so people know at a glance who this product is by?

This technique is attractive to customers as many shoppers are looking for a particular brand, especially when it comes to clothing and homeware.

Much like Shelf Talkers, Data Strips are available in a variety of styles to ensure there is something suitable for nearly all retail shelves.

Aisle signage

Aisle signage is a great way to attract a customer and convey information, even from a distance. Aisle signage can be used to quickly inform customers about what products are displayed on that aisle. Displaying an image of the product type as well as text is most effective for the quick identification of an aisle.

Retailers can also use aisle signage such as aisle fins to draw customers towards their promotions. Print your aisle signs in red or yellow to denote a special offer.

aisle signage

Display Spheres

If you are looking for a way to make your retail shelving a little more interesting, introducing an acrylic display to show case your products is a great option.

Display Spheres are perfectly designed for increasing impulse buys and average order values if they are used correctly. Display them on your till countertop or on shelving units around your store.

The front opening invites people in to help themselves to a product whilst the clear design means your customers can see everything that is on offer. Dependent on your product, this can create a colourful and eye catching shelf display.

Clip Strips

Clip Strips are plastic or metal strips that hang down from the shelf edge with notches that are designed to hold small merchandising items. They are commonly used in supermarkets to display items such as snacks, gift cards and accessories.

Clip Strips are ideal for attracting attention to add-on items for the larger products you are displaying on your shelves. Many Clips Strips come with the option to add a branded header, which makes your promotion more clear to passing customers.

shelf edge leaflet holder

Shelf Edge Fixings

We supply a variety of shelf edge fixings at UK POS, helping retailers to maximise their display space. These fixings include shelf edge leaflet holders, which allow customers to take away relevant information and inspiration at your point of sale.

Another essential type of retail shelf edge fixing is the hang strip or clip strip, often used in combination with scanner rail hooks in order to hang items off the edge of shelving. Hang strips and clip strips are designed for attaching multiple small items to a shelf. This helps retailers to display add-on items next to relevant products in order to encourage impulse buys and increase the net value of sales.

Shelf Dividers and Shelf Risers

When displaying multiple products of a similar function or design in one area, it is important that they are organised. Shelf Dividers are fantastic for cosmetics, bottles and some foods. Shelf risers are used at the edge of your shelving to prevent products from falling off your shelves.

Keeping your retail shelf tidy creates for an enjoyable and easy experience for your customers; they can browse at their leisure with everything neatly displayed in a logical manner.

Shelf Talkers and Shelf Wobblers

The most cost effective way or making sure your products are clearly labelled, is by adding a point of sale display to the edge of your shelf. This style of display includes Shelf Talkers which can be fitted to your retail shelving in a variety of ways, so there will definitely be something to suit your store.

A Shelf Talker allows you to clearly display prices, promotions, offers or product information that your customer can see from a distance, in turn drawing them into your display and product.

You can also utilise your retail shelves to make your product really stand out by introducing a wobbler or shelf edge sign holder. This way, your fantastic offer will truly stand out among the other products and help to draw people in.

shelf edge strips