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Essential point of sale displays for pop up shops

Pop-up shops are ideal for new business startups to use as a tool for brand activation, getting their name and products or services known with a small amount of investment in a relatively small space of time. They're also a great way for established brands to test the market response to a new product or service.

Like pop up shops, pop up events create a temporary retail space that is shared between multiple retailers from the same field, allowing business owners to capitalise on the "get-it-while-it-lasts" buzz that this retail style creates. These popup events often centre around a holiday, a novel theme or concept to create a comprehensive customer experience.

Essential POS for Pop Up Shops
Pop-up shops are an ideal way to engage customers with a new brand, product or service.

With the right display materials, running a pop-up shop or event can be one of the easiest and most profitable ventures a business can make. Our guide outlines essential tips on how to set up a pop up shop, as well as suggesting a range of pop up display ideas to suit your business.

Pop up display stands

  • Our branded pop up counter is available with or without custom branding

    Promotional Counter

    PROM02 In stock
    From: £83.76
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Heavy Duty Clothes Rail

    Heavy Duty Clothes Rail

    STR In stock
    From: £28.17
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • 6ft Gridwall Double Sided Display Kit propped

    6ft Gridwall Double Sided Display Kit

    KGRD6-4 In stock


    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Showcard stands are poster stands in a variety of sizes and colours

    Indoor Showcard Stand

    SS23 In stock
    From: £4.30
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

Pop up banner stands

  • Quick Banner Stand Single Sided with optional printed banner

    Quick Banner Stand Single Sided

    EQS In stock
    From: £14.86
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Economy Roller Banner with Practise Social Distancing banner

    Economy Roller Banner Kit

    ERB In stock
    From: £13.30
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • High quality roll up banner frame available with printed pvc banner

    Premium Roller Banner Frame

    SBR In stock
    From: £73.00
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Premium Roller Banner Kit available with or without banner

    Premium Roller Banner Kit

    DSB In stock
    From: £17.76
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

Pop up shop fixtures

  • Countertop Acrylic Display Unit, table display stand

    Countertop Acrylic Display Unit

    CTM01 In stock


    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Acrylic Display POS Tub

    Acrylic Display Tub

    ACC In stock
    From: £15.92
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Revolving Countertop Display Stand - use a rotating stand to display small items

    Revolving Countertop Display Stand

    RCD In stock
    From: £33.00
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Multi Purpose Countertop Display Stand

    Multipurpose Chrome Countertop Display Stand

    CFD In stock
    From: £66.00
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT


Flat pack pop up displays

  • Cardboard Leaflet Holder

    Cardboard Leaflet Holder

    TLL In stock
    From: £0.99
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Concave menu holder with Three Faces

    Flat Pack Menu Holder with Three Faces

    PS14 In stock


    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Adhesive Leaflet Holder

    Adhesive Leaflet Holder Flat Pack

    SPL In stock
    From: £0.69
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Cardboard Suggestion Box

    Cardboard Suggestion Box

    PBP-40 In stock
    From: £2.28
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • PVC Flexible Wallet

    PVC Flexible Wallet

    FW1 In stock

    Was: £0.30

    Special Price £0.10

    ex. VAT

  • Wooden effect Cardboard Display Plinth

    Small Cardboard Display Plinth

    PDC In stock
    From: £38.99
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Branded Flat Pack Sneeze Screen

    Flat Pack Sneeze Screen

    SNZ01 In stock
    From: £76.68
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT

  • Wire dump basket for retail displays

    Collapsible White Dump Bin

    CDB In stock
    From: £29.97
    (from £ per unit)

    ex. VAT


Pop up shop point of sale displays

What is a pop up shop?

A pop-up shop is a short-term retail space which allows vendors to occupy a temporary storefront, exhibition space or market stall. This is by no means a new concept, considering European Christmas markets, farmers markets, festival retailers and other seasonal events. In recent years, however, the pop-up shop trend has exploded in the UK, with countless businesses and organisers recognising the many benefits of this approach to retail.

What are the benefits of pop-up retail?

As well as being an ideal way for new businesses to get the brand name out there, another benefit provided by pop-up retail is the opportunity it provides for testing new products and services, even for established brands.

How to promote a pop-up event

It is also a fantastic way for a business to begin transitioning from online-only to a more physical presence in stores.

Positive results from pop-up ventures can be used persuasively when approaching stockists or applying for a permanent lease. Pop up shops, also referred to as flash retail, create greater consumer engagement and help to quickly build direct knowledge of your customer's preferences.

Where ecommerce doesn't allow for tactile product assessment or direct discussions, pop up stores allow your online customers to experience your business in a physical environment and ask questions.

Pop-up shops also allow a business to be active in multiple locations without a permanent lease. This reduces the costs and risks associated with longer term leases, enhancing opportunities for retailers and landlords alike.

Pop up shop display ideas

To make hosting multiple pop-up shops and events as convenient as possible, consider using flat pack point of sale products for your pop up displays (see below for examples of these). Not only are these lightweight and easy to transport and construct, we can also add bespoke printing and branding to them on request, giving you comprehensive branding at your pop up point of sale.

Branding couldn't be more important for your pop up shop, as you only have a short space of time to get your brand fixed in the minds of your visitors. Our garment rails are also ideal for pop up clothing shops as they are supplied unassembled and are easy to slot together. We have options for multi-arm clothing display stands as well as for wheeled clothes rails.

Displays for pop up shops

How to set up a pop up shop

When planning your pop up shop displays, consider what products you want to display, and make these prominent with an upright stand. Ensure you have appropriate graphics prepared. Whether that consists of banners, posters, leaflets or business cards, make the most of the opportunity to engage with a brand new audience and ensure your logo and service stand out.

branded promo stand, pop up shop display stands
A branded pop up counter is a great way to connect with new customers.

What are the best pop up shop display stands?

Gridwall is the perfect choice for business that regularly transport between pop-up locations and various events, due to its highly versatile construction. With just a few assorted fixing components, you can construct a gridwall display stand that is fully reconfigurable to allow for freestanding on feet, wall mounting, or for displaying on a wheeled stand. We also supply a wide range of merchandising hooks, shelves and event garment rails that are compatible with our gridwall panels, allowing retailers to change their displays to suit whatever products they are currently promoting. Check out our Gridwall Buying Guide for further details on the available gridwall kits, along with any required components.

Do you supply bespoke pop-up display stands?

As well as offering bespoke printing and branding with most of our stock items, we can also create unique displays to your requirements. Contact us to learn more.

Incentivise engagement

Consider offering free samples to encourage engagement with your brand. Many people visit pop-up shops and events purely to experience the environment and to take advantage of "Instagrammable" moments and displays. You can circumvent the risk of not making any profits by interacting with new customers in other ways.

Always make sure your social media handles and relevant hashtags are displayed clearly at your pop up shop or event, and display business cards and leaflets for people to take away. Even if you don't make any sales, you can take advantage of the social capital created from people discussing your brand and posting about it on social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram.

clothes rail displays for pop up shop

Make sure every person who sees your pop-up shop is impressed by something; the innovation of your products, the appearance of your displays and, of course, your customer service.