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Showcard Frame Accessories

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Showcard frame accessories

When might I need showcard frame accessories?

While we supply a large selection of showcard frame stands which allow you to have floorstanding showcards, you may wish to suspend your showcard frames from the ceiling, stand them upright on a counter, or clip them onto a wall. Our showcard frame accessories make all of that easy. Get all of the accessories and you can move your showcard between locations whenever required.

How can I display my showcards on metal surfaces?

If you want to display your showcards on metal shelving or other magnetic surfaces, simply attach your showcard into the clip, and the magnet will then adhere to your metal surfaces. This swivel clip has 360° rotation ability so you can adjust your showcard signs to display in any direction.

What can I use to suspend showcards from a ceiling?

There are two different options for suspending your showcard signs: using plastic hanging hooks, which are supplied in packs of 2 and attach to the sides of the showcard, or using a showcard suspension clip which attaches to the top of the frame and is supplied individually. The hooks or clips can then be used with suspension wire or suspension hooks to attach to your ceiling.

Can I wall mount multiple showcards to create a display?

Absolutely, we supply a showcard holder flip book, which allows you to wall mount multiple showcards, creating a flip book display that visitors can browse conveniently.