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Design and development / Plastics

We manufacture a large number of plastic products using a variety of advanced techniques and equipment at the forefront of technology.


Injection moulding

Injection moulding is one of the most popular ways of creating plastic display solutions and boasts a number of benefits. Here at UK POS we are industry leading experts in all forms of manufacturing, with injection moulding being just one of those techniques.

What is injection moulding?

The process of injection moulding is designed to produce identical plastic products in large quantities.

Plastic is melted until it becomes soft enough to be put into a mould, where it will cool and set to replicate the mould exactly. Once the plastic has hardened, the mould will release the plastic and the process can be repeated.

Why choose injection moulding?

This process is designed for large quantities of the same product and is the most efficient and accurate way of achieving duplicate products. As large numbers are created at once, injection moulded products boast a lower cost.

What machinery do you use?

We have heavily invested in all of our machinery and have moved to a larger complex to further improve our already high standards of manufacturing.

Our state of the art, robot-driven, multi-cavity injection moulding machines enable us to maintain both quality control targets and a keenly competitive pricing strategy.

What products can you make?

Through injection moulding, we are able to create our leaflet dispensers, display spheres, shopping baskets, shelf edge fittings and clip strips, to name but a few.

Injection moulding Plastic display manufacturing Bespoke plastic displays

Plastic extrusion

Extrusion is a unique process that is designed to produce plastic parts in a specific continuous style.

What is extrusion?

Extrusion is the process of thermoplastics being heated and then pressured into a mould to form certain shapes and sections. Extrusion produces long pieces of plastic that form a continuous profile.

Why choose extrusion?

If you are looking to create a long continuous profile, then extrusion is the best technique for this.

What machinery do you use?

We are well equipped to produce custom plastic extrusions in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes ranging from 1mm in width to 400mm.

What products can you make?

Some of our best selling shelf talkers are made using our extrusion machine as well as our poster grippers and super grip display holders.

Plastic extrusion Plastic extrusion

Vacuum forming

Vacuum forming is a process that involves shaping plastic with heat to your desired shape. We are able to offer bulk orders as well as individual pieces.

What is vacuum forming?

This process involves heating a sheet of plastic to its transition temperature and then draping it over a mould. The sheet is then formed into a new shape using the pressure from the vacuum.

Why choose vacuuming?

The key advantage of vacuum forming is that it can be used on virtually any thermoplastic, so you can achieve your custom made display piece at a fraction of the cost. Your custom plastic display items can be vacuum formed in almost any shape to suit your requirements.

What machinery do you use?

Our vacuuming machine is sophisticated in both design and output, meaning it utilises the best heat control so we can create more products in a shorter amount of time.

Vacuum forming Vacuum forming

Hot and cold plastic fabrication

Numerous substrates can be manipulated using hot and cold processes to shape and form plastics through the application of heat or pressure.

What is hot and cold fabrication?

Hot and cold fabrication can be used on acrylic, Perspex, PVC and Foamex to create a variety of different and shapes and styles using either heated or cold machinery dependent on the product.

Why choose plastic fabrication?

Fabrication is a more affordable technique that produces stronger and more robust acrylic pieces.

What machines do you use?

We use a state of the art Platon machine and a heat bending machine for all of our plastic fabrication.

What products can you make?

A large variety of our plastic products are created using our hot and cold fabrication processes, including some poster holders, show card frames and leaflet holders.

Hot and cold plastic fabrication Plastic manufacturing

Laser cutting

This leading technology allows for the intricate cutting of material to any shape or form imaginable and can be used for single or high volume production runs.

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is an advanced technology that uses lasers to precisely cut materials, in our case plastics. The laser beam is projected onto the plastic which burns its way through creating the chosen design.

Why choose laser cutting?

  • Any shape is possible with this technique, making it the ideal process for bespoke pieces to meet all of your requirements.
  • There are no set up or tool costs involved in laser cutting, making the final price even more affordable for you.
  • Laser cutting also boasts environmental benefits as all waste is 100% recycled - something not all plastic processes can boast.

What machines do you use?

We have recently invested in a new state of the art laser cutting machine.

Our capabilities take your design from paper to plastic and create the perfect product with fantastic results. With cutting functionality across a broad range of materials we can offer a truly exceptional service for our customers.

What products can you make?

Using laser cutting we can manufacture leaflet dispensers, magazine stands and poster wallets, to name but a few.

Laser cutting Laser cut displays Laser cut POS

CNC routing

CNC routing is a modern solution to precision cutting plastics. This technology can be used to manufacture the most complex or simple designs.

What is CNC routing?

CNC stands for computer numerical control and is used when a computer converts a drawing into numbers using CAD. The numbers are then translated into coordinates which guides the cutting of the machine. This is a fantastic piece of technology for creating custom shape plastics.

Why choose CNC routing?

A CNC router typically produces consistent and high quality products, regardless of whether it is a bulk job or a one off. Automation and precision that the human eye can not achieve are its key benefits.

What machines do you use?

We use multi-axis sliding head CNC machines which means we are able to manufacture complex plastic items in bulk. Our machines are built with a fixed head which creates for shorter production times and lower costs.

We have the capability to manufacture single or mass produced items on our fully automated CNC systems which are programmed using the latest in design software technology and can produce products in a cost-effective way.

What products can you make?

Many of our PETG products are cut using the CNC equipment, Deli ticket holders and wall panels are just a small representation of the products manufactured on these machines.

CNC routing CNC router CNC router manufacturing

Die cutting

Die cutting is a simple and effective way of creating a piece of plastic to a specific shape, style or size from a template called a die.

What is die cutting?

A custom template called a die is created and used to cut the desired shapes out of flat plastic sheets. Die cutting is a fast and cost effective process for creating bulk pieces.

Why choose die cutting?

This is one of the more affordable ways of cutting plastic as machinery and maintenance costs are both low.

What machines do you use?

We utilise fully automated die cutting presses to ensure the quality of our products is maintained throughout the process. We invest in the latest technology to get high levels of efficiency and accuracy.

What products can you make?

We can cut virtually any shape on our press by changing the tooling to allow for different products.

Die cutting Die cutting

Diamond polishing

Here at UK POS we diamond polish all of our acrylic pieces - it may take longer, but it produces an unbeatable finish. The edges of your display will be crystal clear and smooth for a professional and desirable look, something not all of our competitors can offer.

Why choose diamond polishing?

We diamond polish all of our acrylic products as it leaves the best possible finish.

The polish can be used on straight edges and we use a flame polisher on our curved edges. This will give you perfect optical clarity on your acrylic. Additionally, the smooth edges are safer, preventing them from scratching your products or hands.

What machinery do you use?

We work with a state-of-the-art edge polishing machine to produce clear, polished edges on our acrylic and other rigid plastic sheets. Our machine eliminates the need for hand scraping, sanding, buffing and flame polishing on straight edges.

Diamond polishing Diamond polished acrylic

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