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Suggestion & Ballot Boxes

Do you need to buy a ballot box for your business?

Ballot boxes can be incredibly important for quickly gathering confidential information and feedback from customers, and they can even be used to help manage the logistics of short promotions and competitions.

We also understand that your customers value their privacy, and they want to know that the information they provide to your business is going to be kept secure. That’s why we offer ballot boxes with optional locks for added security, and to give people peace of mind.

Our products are even manufactured to offer you additional promotional benefits. That’s why we also offer a full range of accessories; so you can include any necessary posters, branding or leaflets to heighten the opportunities available to you with this product.

What type of Ballot Box do I need?

Ballot Box

We have a comprehensive range of standard products, and you will find them with a wide variety of different features. As well as secure and lockable ballot boxes, we also offer products that have the facility to hold rear header cards, and acrylic leaflet holders. A number of our products can even be wall mounted, to ensure they are placed in a position where customers are more likely to interact with them.


Our flatpack ballot boxes are easy to assemble and are perfect if you need a solution that is easy to distribute, or you need something to help with a short promotion.

Floor standing

Our range of Foamex floor standing ballot boxes come with an A4 poster holder included, ensuring they are more likely to capture the attention of anyone in the vicinity, and push them towards engaging with the ballot.

Other reasons our customers love this product:
  • Bespoke options are available to find you the perfect ballot box – get one in any size, any colour, with any finish and with personalised branding
  • Perfect for engaging with customer competitions and the collection of valuable customer data