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Buy shelf strips and talkers from UK POS

A shelf talker, also known as a shelf barker, is a printed card or other sign attached to a shelf and is most commonly found in retail stores.  The purpose of using this form of POS is to draw a shopper’s attention to a particular product that might be on offer or available at a reduced price.

Whether you require an adhesive option, or a shelf talker that is fixed in position using a clip or hinge, we have something for you.  We understand that these variations are often required depending on the type of shelving you use, so we make sure we keep a large volume of stock in our warehouse at all times.  

We also stock shelf talkers in a range of different sizes, with 6” x 3” and 8” x 3” options all ready to be dispatched within 24 hours.

Why our customers love this product:

  • Draws the attention of shoppers to significant products or deals

  • Encourages potential buyers to invest in featured products