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Pavement Signs & A Boards

Pavement signs and A boards available at UK POS

Traditionally positioned on the pavement outside a business premises, pavement signs can form a critical part of a business strategy to communicate important messages and promotions to customers.

There are five key reasons why pavement signs are so important to business owners:

  • Increase footfall or walk in traffic to a business property
  • Increase product awareness
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Deliver information on significant deals, offers or incentives
  • Increase in store sales

They have proven time and time again to represent great value to business owners, looking for the most effective way to communicate and advertise to potential customers.

Whether you’re a hairdresser, a restaurant or bar owner, run a leisure centre, a chain of retail stores or coffee shops – then pavement signage is a great solution.

Our wide range of designs means that we will have an A Board or pavement sign to meet your business needs, these include magnetic A Boards, poster A Boards, A1 pavement signs and forecourt signs. They can even be customised to meet your exact branding needs.

For all the information you need on our pavement sign or A board products, please visit our pavement sign page.