UK Point of Sale

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    Wallmounted Multi Pocket Holders

    Combining the highest standards of quality and great value for money, UK POS should be your first port of call when looking for point of sale display items.

    We have a range of clear printed display brochure holders and leaflet dispensers to suit every need. UK POS wall-mounted multi pocket brochure holders come in A4 or A5 sizes and are perfect for use in restaurants and cafés. They can be used to house almost any type of literature including menus, leaflets, brochures, magazine and postcards.

    Brochure holders from UK POS are always of the finest quality and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. If wall-mounted multi pocket brochure holders are not what you’re after, we have a excellent range of free-standing display stands.

    Even if your business is closed, we have a selection of outdoor brochure holders so they can pick up information at any time. Find out why UK POS is the nation’s leading supplier of point of sale items like leaflet dispensers, and see how much your business could grow.