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Euro Hooks & Swing Tags

If you require a POS solution to maximise existing fixtures and fittings then euro hooks or merchandising hooks are a great option.  Highly visible, space efficient and great value for money, not only do they encourage impulse buys, but they also maximise cross sales.

Our full range includes:

Swing tags and label holders also communicate product and price information, completing a versatile and professional display system that is ideal for heightening customer awareness of key price reductions or sales.  Similar to this, clip strips allow you to hang accessories next to related products to drive additional sales - highlighting how effective they are for cross selling.

Why our customers love euro hooks and swing tabs:

  • Euro hooks, single prong hooks and adhesive hang tabs are all available in our extensive product range

  • Great for encouraging impulse purchases and promoting cross sales

  • They maximise selling space and can be used with free standing display units (FSDUs)

  • Easy to add and change products for dynamic displays

  • Large stocks of product are available for next day delivery