The planning application for a new Tesco store in Suffolk has hit trouble, with the brand's usual illuminated signs being considered unsuitable for the area. 

The new store is to be built in Southwold and the response from local residents has reportedly been positive, but Southwold Town Council has advised Waveney District Council to refuse to allow the signs.

Mayor John Windell told the East Anglian Daily Times: What we have refused is permission for illuminated signage and we’ve refused it because it simply won’t fit in with the rest of the town. Just look at the high street and you’ll see that we don’t have neon signs and spotlights."

Roof-mounted air conditioning units have also been refused, due to fears about potential noise pollution.

All businesses, whether large or small, need to consider whether the way in which they present themselves is appropriate for their surroundings. Even styles of window displays and light boxes should be carefully selected.