Department store Debenhams has reported a leap in the sales of eveningwear at the end of the school year, as a result of the rise of American-style school proms.

Since the start of what it terms the prom 'season', the retailer has experienced a 57 per cent rise in sales of occasion handbags and an incredible 1,322 per cent increase in the sale of false eyelashes. 

It has also seen 10 styles of party shoes sell out completely and many others sell faster than ever before.  

The store has also noted that there is an element of competition between girls, leading to the emergence of the 'promzilla' \ a female prom attendee who is determined to outdo all others. 

Debenhams spokesperson Carie Barkhuizen said: ""Dancing at the school disco, it seems, has had its day. All the focus is now on the prom and being the belle of the ball."" 

Accessories such as false eyelashes and jewellery often attract most attention near tills and doorways, when consumers are about to purchase a larger item such as a dress. Positioning is a vital part of successful sales and facilities such as display supports can help to attain this.