Department store chain John Lewis is planning a major overhaul of its brand image.

According to a report by Marketing Week, the company is conscious it could be seen by some as 'fuddy duffy' and is looking at ways to change that perception. The business also plans to modernise its 'Never Knowingly Undersold' proposition, increase multichannel operations and improve its customer relationship management.

Last year the company spent £6m on its Never Knowingly Undersold campaign, which saw window displays and in-store poster frames used to bolster prime-time television adverts. The series of ads followed a woman through various stages of her life, growing from a child into a grandmother, with the John Lewis brand a constant theme throughout.

A follow-up is being launched later this year and the company's marketing director Craig Inglis told Marketing Week he believes the firm shouldn't be afraid of producing adverts some people will dislike.

He said: "There is a level of change occurring that hasn't happened in the business before. We can be accused of being beige at times, so we're trying not to be. Now we're clear on our brand - it's never been written down before."

"We need to be more polarising in our advertising. There's probably a group of our customers that hate our recent ads, but I think that's OK. We've got to challenge them."