Utilities firm EDF Energy has signed a deal with Morrisons to help the supermarket chain save 3.5m a year on its gas and electricity bills.

A report by environmental news website Business Green said the two companies have signed a three-year supply deal, which will see energy efficiency programmes used to help deliver utility bill savings. Under the deal, EDF Energy has guaranteed to deliver at least 1m in savings and plans to create more than three times that amount.

Sid Cox, director of business to business at EDF, said the contract "underlines our confidence in delivering energy management projects that make a real difference to our customer's bottom line".

He added: "Our energy services team will work hand in hand with the Morrisons Property and Development Department on project delivery, with an aim of saving at least 3.5m during 2011 through new energy-saving initiatives."

Increasingly volatile price fluctuations in the wholesale energy markets have led a number of retailers to re-evaluate their energy consumption and find ways to get costs under control. poster holders and banner stands displaying reminders to turn off lights and taps can now be seen in an increasing number of workplaces.

According to Mr Cox, EDF Energy will look to implement such common sense measures, as well as bring "innovative thinking and solutions" to Morrisons.