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    A superior plastic. Rigid and Crystal clear. Perspex is the trademark for ICI's acrylic product


    A stylish matt style finish to aluminium products

    Can I have timed deliveries

    We can offer specified timed deliveries at and additional cost. Please contact Sales Department.


    A highly polished and shiny finish to metal products

    Diamond Polishing

    A machine polished process using diamond cutters to create a professional finish

    Do you deliver to N.Ireland

    Yes we deliver next day to Northern Ireland.


    Used to describe objects to a fixed cross-sectional profile. A material is typically heated and pushed or drawn through a die of the desired cross section


    Cutting, bending and hand assembling


    Steel is coated with Zinc to protect it and make it stronger

    Heat Bending

    Making a bend or fold in one direction by laying down the plastic over a hot wire element and heating it sufficiently so that it can be bent

    High Impact

    A type of acrylic that is impact resistant and more robust than standard acrylic

    how long will my order take

    Orders are usually processed within 24 hours therefore next working day delivery. If there is any delay with production we will endeavour to contact you

    Injection Moulded

    Plastic is liquefied and forced (injected) into a mould. The mould is usually metal and highly engineered, meaning that this process is usually only suitable for larger production runs


    Width longer than Height


    An extremely durable material similar to acrylic but offers an even higher impact

    Poly Bagged

    A clear plastic bag that is used to cover products to protect them


    A type of plastic formed most common using injection moulding or extrusion processes


    Height longer than wider

    Powder Coating

    A protective finish to metal which is baked on in a specific colour


    A very flexible plastic which should not break or shatter but has little rigidity. Clear PVC is not as Crystal clear as Acrylic

    Snap Frame

    A display frame with an easy access opening closing mechanism that allows the changing of posters very quickly


    A plastic that has more rigidity than PVC but is a little more brittle than acrylic

    Vacuum Forming

    Plastic is heated and allowed almost to melt over a form or wood to take it's shape

    What times do the carriers deliver between

    Our appointed carrier deliver Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm as standard delivery