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Dump Bins & Wire Dump Bins

  • Tub Dispensers

    Acrylic Tub Dispenser

    ACC In stock


    ex. VAT

  • Rustic Wooden Crates

    Wooden Crate

    CRT In stock


    ex. VAT

  • Wicker Display Basket 25 x 50 x 38.5cm

    Wicker Display Basket

    WKR In stock


    ex. VAT

  • Clear Display Sphere Counter Standing

    Clear Display Sphere Counter Standing

    SPR In stock


    ex. VAT

  • Collapsible Dump Bin Silver

    Collapsible Dump Bin Silver

    CDBZ In stock


    ex. VAT

  • Free Standing Display Sphere

    Free Standing Display Sphere

    FDSPR Out of stock


    ex. VAT

  • White Metal Collapsible Dump Bin 43cm x 78cm

    White Metal Collapsible Dump Bin

    CDB In stock


    ex. VAT

  • dump

    Round Dump Bin

    RDB540 In stock


    ex. VAT

  • Customisable Plastic Dump Bin

    Customisable Plastic Dump Bin

    PDB6 In stock


    ex. VAT

  • Counter Top Dump Bin

    Counter Top Dump Bin

    DMP-1 In stock


    ex. VAT

Get collapsible and impulse dump bins for your retail displays

Collapsible dump bins are a great way of presenting a range of products to customers. Whether they are featured items on special offer, or being highlighted due to price reductions, using a dump bin is fantastic for catching the eye of shoppers and drawing them towards these significant promotions.

One of the most effective uses of a dump bin is to place them in areas of a shop, such as close to the checkout area, where customers typically dwell. This encourages impulse purchases and can help businesses of any size increase the average basket value.

Available in a range of colours, it's easy to find the ultimate flexible sales promotion bin that is perfect for your business.

Why our customers love dump bins:

  • Encourage impulse purchases - By placing dump bins in areas of a store where customers typically dwell you can encourage impulse purchases.
  • Ideal for seasonal promotions - Dump bins are perfect for seasonal promotions as they can be quickly changed, moved or rebranded.
  • Stand up to customer interaction - The hard wearing wiring used on our bins is highly durable and will stand up to high levels of wear and tear.
  • Easy to reposition - These lightweight products are easy to move around and reposition, so you can find the perfect place to position your dump bin.
  • Get it set up quickly - Our bins are incredibly easy to assemble, so you can get yours set up quickly and easily.